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Who We Are And Why We Do This:

Wheelchair Accessible Transportation's core beliefs and philosophy is providing affordable means to empower mobility.  Our Wheelchair Accessible Vans and Buses are utilized to help a segment of population that goes largely underserved by society.  We believe that fundamentally every human being should have access to mobility regardless of their circumstances.

Our prices are centered around the above concepts of fairness and equality.  Many of our specialized vehicles are offered at competitive prices to non-specialized vehicle rentals.  We strive to keep our vehicles well-maintained and offer multiple options for our customers.  We provide van and bus rentals and we also offer Non-Emergency Medical Transport services.

Wheelchair accessible vans all require modifications (raised roofs) and are installed with ramps to assist in accomplishing our goals of providing a customer centric model.  Customer costs to purchase a new wheelchair vehicle are often prohibitively expensive.  We make these vehicles available at affordable rates to help offset some of the burden on our customer base.

As we grow we will look to expand our operations and ways we can improve mobility!  We look forward to helping make the world a better place.

Wheelchair Accessible Transportation's roots started over twenty years ago when the now retired and prior owner Jonathan Mitchell founded the company with just two vehicles in Tyler, Texas.  Jon being in a wheelchair had a unique perspective on the industry and understood the importance of alternative ways to acquire and empower people with accessible transportation.  Jon also having his unique perspective only purchased side-entry vans and focused on the experience of the customer first rather than using rear entry vehicles.  We are proud to carry on this and his many other traditions.

From 2 vans and a dream to servicing two major states, helping evacuation of people in greet need during natural disasters, and offering choices to people about their mobility this business has grown thanks to his perspective, passion, and drive to make the world a better place.

We are thankful and hopeful to continue this legacy and empower people in their mobility further and we have many exciting plans in the works to accomplish this!

Let’s Work Together

We welcome feedback and questions feel free to reach out to us or give us a call.

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